Our Day Porter Services

IMG_5330Wurm’s Janitorial Services provides full and part time day porter services to all of our clients based on their needs. Some of our clients require full time on-site day porter(s) due to their facility size, traffic or security needs. Other clients may require part time on-site day porter(s) or may take advantage of our headquarters assigned day porter(s) for their periodic needs. We can meet your specific needs and provide services which may include any of the following tasks.

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  • Inspect and service restrooms.
  • Inspect and service lobby’s, stairwells and elevators.
  • Remove and clean spills and trash from interior public areas.
  • Clean conference rooms and break rooms.
  • Spot clean windows, walls, sills, woodwork, displays etc.
  • Remove trash from interior and exterior public receptacles and replace soiled liners.
  • Remove trash from exterior public walkways, planters and parking areas.
  • Remove graffiti-interior and exterior.
  • Empty exterior ashtrays.
  • Dust off mullions.
  • Management to be notified of any facility concerns.
  • Maintain contact with on-site management and Wurm’s management.