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Our Management Team

Mission Statement

“To continuously deliver quality in building cleaning services to our communities”

Company Profile

Wurm’s Janitorial Services, Inc. began providing janitorial services with three employees in 1986 and has grown to a staff of over ninety employees servicing nearly two million square feet. Our clients range from City, County, State and Federal Facilities to Religious Institutions, Schools, Lodge Facilities and Professional Office Buildings. Our services range from daily janitorial to carpet, floor, windows and day porter services.

Our organization is structured to enhance communication and therefore quality of services. The importance of communication flow is outlined by the reporting structure of the organization which is described below:

Janitor to Foreman, Foreman to Route Supervisor, Route Supervisor to General Manager, General Manager and Office Manager to President.

Our staff of supervisory personnel and up carries cells phones, so there is no lapse in communication or issue resolution. The key portion of providing quality service includes quality inspection reports completed routinely by our supervisory staff. In addition, we recognize that we are the eyes and ears of our clients during the time we are providing services. This may result in providing you the client with information about security issues or maintenance problems that you may be unaware of.

Our company also prides itself on the quality of individuals that we place in our client’s facilities. The employee, upon hiring, will receive a three hour orientation as well as on the job training and safety procedures. All of our employees are provided with a company uniform that includes shirts / aprons, identification badge and safety belt.

Our employees are paid wages in full compliance with the California State Labor Laws and are appropriately covered by Worker’s Compensation Insurance. All employees are informed of the proper use of chemicals and given information regarding Material Safety Data Sheets.

Our thirty years of providing quality janitorial services to a wide range of clients is testimony of our business integrity and qualifications to meet your needs for the services requested. This statement of qualifications listed above also conforms to a statement of warranty for the services we would provide.

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